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Who we are

This idea hasn’t come from an organisation or a bunch of suits sitting around the board room. It has come from an Aussie bloke who understands first hand, the pain, discomfort and disturbance a busted plugga can create. Plugga Repair Kit (PRK) will always remain an Aussie product and the goal is not about money. It’s about creating a venture that can help people, a venture for people to share and embrace. A venture to create fulfilment which is worth more than any amount of money.

Where PRK started

I have an image that will stay with me forever and it’s an image that started this “PRK” thought process. A pair of ankles with well worn in blue plugga’s, they belonged to an elderly lady who was trekking up the Kathmandu valley towards the Mt Everest base camp. This lady had a basket of rice the size of a two man dome tent perched on her head and as I was sucking in the big ones she powered past me, overtaking me and my guide.

I soon learnt she does the 10km trek twice a week. She looked 65yrs old but who is to know if she was actually 18 and the high altitudes and gruelling physical exertion had taken their toll? What was noteworthy, was the one thing separating her tired soles from the unforgiving surface of the earth was the pair of sponge steppers attached to her feet. As a consequence, it made me think of the unbearable outcome if she was to bust one?

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Plugga Repair Kit is constantly moving forward and inventing ways to apply the method.

Aiming to create an affordable, easy to use product for people everywhere.