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Plugga Repair Kit


Kit includes:
+ 2 x New Improved PRK plugs
+ 3 grams of Plug Pit Grit
+ 1 gram of PRK Super Glue
+ 1 x Set of Instructions, Small & Large Plugga Repair Kit Stickers
Conveniently packed into a Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet/Keyring.

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The only keyring accessory that helps you avoid the disastrous ramifications of when you bust-a-plug…with Plugga Repair Kit on hand your beloved thong can be fixed in just minutes!

Ideally the Plugga Repair Kit should be applied to your new thongs straight off the shelf. That way you’ll avoid an annoying blow out at an inopportune moment.

You may have experienced footwear that is the right size for your feet but still feels loose. The PRK can be also used to tighten stretched thongs and reinforce them with added strength and longevity.

Whether you’re running with the good old double plugga’s or prefer the more expensive brands, this kit will work for you. The peace of mind you experience when you trust your footwear is priceless.

Each Kit (Now with additional Plugs) will repair up to 10 of your or your mates favourite pairs of thongs!

What's in the kit?

So what do you actually get?

  • 2 x PRK plugs
  • 5 grams of Plug Pit Grit
  • 1 gram of PRK Super Glue
  • 1 x Set of Instructions

All this conveniently packed into a Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet/Keyring for ease of use.


Australia Wide Postage:

1-4 Kits $3.50 (incl gst)
5-10 Kits $8.00 (incl gst)


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